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Francesca Pastore has always dedicated herself to artistic activity. She has been always interested in creative matter, form, volume, space, that’s why she was fascinated by the sculpture and started to learn it with the sculptor Alessandro Tagliolini. She attended the artistic lyceum of Roma, then took the degree in set designing and stage craft in 1972 and begun to work right away as Luciano Puccini set designer’s assistent for De Laurentis Filming House. Afterwards she worked for other film and theater production houses as set designer and costume designer. For the TAT Studio she illustrated the book “ the viper : know it to prevent it “ printed by Nardini Editor. She illustrated also the book “ My love for plants” by Guido Lombardi. She drew opening credits for Biamonte & Grisanti Filming House. In 1986 at the Orologio Theater in Rome and under the sponsorship of the French Cultural Centre she produced and staged on Marguerite Duras’ play “Hiroshima mon amour” translated and adapted by Dacia Maraini. For seven years she was illustrator and artistic director of ESAM, important medical-scientific Publishing House with offices in Rome, Milan, NewYork. She realized exhibition stands for Rizzoli Publisher, ESAM publisher, Emanuel Zoo, Anna’s Fashion, etc. She created table games for Kinder Ferrero, drew picture-cards for Panini Editor, started the newspaper “Affari Nostri“, gave seminars to southern nursery schools’ teachers for Ministry of Education. She realized advertisements for RPA of Rome, she was set designer and costume designer for the last film of Corvo Cinamatografica of Florence in 2005. However she never abandoned the artistic activity and she is still preparing personal and collective painting exhibitions. She is now dedicating herself to painting, sculpturing and pottering in her studio among Sabina‘s extraordinary mountains and old- aged trees.

Francesca Pastore:

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